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Nature’s powerful secret to reversing the aging process

What would you do if you discovered the Fountain of Youth? You’d dive right in, of course! But, since the fountain is pure fantasy, you need to find a proven product that can reverse the aging process and put your body in perfect balance to enjoy optimal health and the highest possible quality of life. That product is Royal Velvet and this site will answer all of your questions about this powerful anti-aging weapon…

Who should take Royal Velvet?

Anyone who wants to look, feel and act younger while drastically improving their health, physical & mental functioning and overall appearance. That’s why Royal Velvet is so popular amongst professional athletes.

But why should I personally take Royal Velvet?

Royal Velvet brings your mind and body into perfect balance, which has been proven to result in these miraculous benefits for most users:

·      Increased energy & stamina

·      Deeper, more effective sleep

·      More youthful skin with fewer wrinkles

·      Advanced mental clarity & memory

·      Fewer aches, pains, stiffness & immobility

·      Enhanced physique with less fat & better muscle tone

·      Improved stress management & fewer feelings of depression

·      Increased libido & more pleasure from sexual experiences

·      Relief from ailments or health problems

·      Better athletic performance

·      Heightened senses including hearing, sight, taste, smell & touch

·      Improved heart health

·      Increased bone density & strength

·      Decreased risk of injury

·      Accelerated healing & recovery

·      Optimal cellular functioning & reversal of the aging process

·      Reduced hunger, cravings & food addictions

·      Increased immunity against illness

·      More lustrous hair and less color pigmentation loss

·      Stronger, healthier fingernails

·      Optimal, natural hormone balancing (especially in women)

·      Drastic reduction in seasonal allergies

·      Improved blood sugar levels

·      Superior physical and mental performance & creativity

·      Overwhelming cost savings (from $$ no longer spent on pharmaceuticals, supplements and doctor bills)

How does Royal Velvet accomplish all of this?

Royal Velvet is packed with the essential amino acids, growth factors and other key nutrients for optimal cell functioning and regeneration. Physically, aging is nothing more than the effects of losing more cells than you gain. With Royal Velvet, the life cycle of your cells is increased three to four times. And, since you experience more restorative sleep with Royal Velvet, your brain’s neurotransmitters are fully rebuilt every night.

What is Royal Velvet, anyway?

Royal Velvet is the most balanced and healthful antler velvet product on the market. It is made from male deer antlers in the “velveting” or growth stage. But what truly sets Royal Velvet apart from most other antler velvet products are three critical benefits:

1.     Royal Velvet is made from the growth-factor-laden tip and the top third of the antler for the maximum potency and effectiveness. The raw material is proprietary and has several remarkable aspects to it.

2.     Royal Velvet is produced with a unique oral spray delivery system to ensure more than a 95% absorption rate (versus a maximum 10% absorption rate for products that must go through the digestive tract.)

3.     Royal Velvet is balanced with all the growth factors. Whereas some companies manipulate the natural balance of nutrients and constituents, creating a potentially dangerous out-of-balance product.

Where does Royal Velvet come from?

Royal Velvet comes ONLY from New Zealand because that country’s regulating body ensures:

·      The red deer stags roam freely and consume an all-organic diet

·      These stags are not harmed in the velveting process which is overseen by animal rights activists and veterinarians

·      The velveting process is performed by highly trained, certified harvesters under standardized, hygienic conditions

·      The harvest is timed exactly to ensure an optimal concentration of amino acids, nutrients and growth factors

When can I start taking Royal Velvet?

Immediately! Since there are only 600,000 red deer stags in New Zealand, Royal Velvet is an extremely limited natural resource. Sales forecasts predict that we will have more Royal Velvet buyers than we have product in under a year so you should act TODAY on this special offer…

Purchase one bottle of Royal Velvet (a $79.95 value) for just $65

Buy three or more bottles and you qualify for pricing at only $59 each

(All prices plus shipping & handling)

Product Ingredients:

Recommended Adult Dosage:
Three sprays four times a day.
Each bottle will only last 15 days following the recommended adult dosage.
You will need two bottles for a 1-month supply of Royal Velvet.
Serving Size: 3 sprays (.48ml)Each Serving Contains:
Deer Antler Extract (Cervi Parvum Comu) - 16.5 mg Other Ingredients:
Purified Water, Natural lemon Flavor, Stevia Extract, xylitol, citric acid, lecithin, potassium sorbate.
Contains: Non-GMO Soy

$65 per bottle of Royal Velvet
$59 per bottle for 3 or more ordered
How Many

For more information on dosage

Shake the bottle vigorously.

While you are shaking the bottle, suck the saliva in your mouth and swallow two or three times.

Spray three sprays under your tongue and hold for 30 to 40 seconds. One minute is ideal. Then you may swallow.

Always try to take one dosage (three sprays) of Royal Velvet at night before bedtime. This dramatically helps the brain replenish neurotransmitters, which is the purpose of sleep, and allows you to think clearer, have more joy, improve memory, intelligence, and hand-eye coordination (athletic ability).

Take three sprays right when you get up in the morning. Take an additional three sprays once to several times throughout the day.

Adults should take 9 to 15 sprays per day (3 to 5 dosages at 3 sprays each time). Seniors, athletes, and those chronically ill may take more. Youth (ages 13 to 17) may take 3 to 6 sprays per day.

The only ‘bad’ time to take Royal Velvet is directly after a meal. No harm is done, but the 95+% absorption rate may fall to 70% or so.

Do not let the bottle be in direct sunlight or get above 90 degrees. Do not refrigerate.

Store in a dark, cool place.

The more you take, the more efficient your cells function and replicate.

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